Quality Policy

Kamal is committed to enhance customers’ satisfaction by identifying their needs and providing quality products at optimum cost. To achieve this, the following objectives have been defined:


  • Installation, implementation and maintenance of a Quality Management System as per the requirements of ISO-9001
  • Technology up-gradation through continuous Research & Development
  • Regular participation in API events for Industry leading trends and benchmarks
  • Achieve employees satisfaction through training and involvement and by providing safe and congenial working conditions
  • Be a globally competitive firm

Quality Control - QC check philosophy

  • Quality Assurance Master Plan
  • Material Certificates
  • Stage Inspection
  • Shop Testing Certificates
  • Welding qualification and procedures
  • Welding / Inspection Reports
  • Inspection / Release note
  • As built drawings
  • Packing / Forwarding records
  • Final document dossier with complete traceability record.


  • Proven & sophisticated design programs.
  • Assured guarantee to meet design requirements.
  • Appropriate selection of metallurgy depending on service conditions.
  • Visual Inspection at every stage by trained inspectors
  • Stage wise inspection of each equipment
  • 25 years average experience of workmen
  •  Design engineers with 20 years average experience & trained at premier engineering institutes
  • Third party stage wise inspection by leading inspection agencies
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