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Kamal Encon Industries Limited, an ISO 9001: 2015 and an American Petroleum Institute (API) Member company, is one of industry leaders in the design and manufacture of Specialty Heat Recovery equipments, Distillation Trays & Internals, Dampers and Guillotines. With approvals from most of the process licensors and end-users globally Kamal products include Air Preheaters, Column Trays & Internals, Dampers, Guillotines, Shut-off Blades and Igniters supplied to Oil Refineries, Petrochemical, Power, Fertilizer and Chemical Plants. Kamal is proud of its quality conscious workforce, a well equipped fabrication shop and a completely automated foundry plant located in Haryana, India, about 125 miles north east of New Delhi.

Kamal’s foundation is built upon its core value ‘Customer Satisfaction’ by delivering high quality products & services with on time delivery. A long list of satisfied customers stand testimony to this commitment. 


Energy conservation today, is not only an economical necessity but also an environmental compulsion. Fuel is a significant cost element in Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Fertilizers and other Process Industries. With exponential rise in the energy consumption and consequent surge in the crude oil prices, energy conservation measures have become even more relevant. 

Fired Heaters are major consumers of energy and it is of utmost importance to increase their thermal efficiency to the highest possible level. Preheating of combustion air is the best option to raise a heater’s thermal efficiency. The Industry norms have changed over the years and thermal efficiencies of 90-92% have become imperative for the heaters.


Kamal is one of India’s Leading companies engaged in the design and manufacture of Dampers & Guillotines for Oil Refineries, Petrochemical, Power, Fertilizer, Steel and Aluminum Plants. Having collaboration with M/s Metrio Technologie International BvbA (MTI), Netherlands for transfer of technology of Dampers & Isolation Valves, Kamal has supplied over 2,500 Dampers & Guillotines in India and The Middle East.


Distillation Trays & Column Internals are widely used for separation of mixtures. Distillation is one of the key unit operations in the Refining, Petro-Chemical, Fertilizer and Chemicals Industry.

Kamal is a leading manufacturer of Distillation Trays & Column Internals offering design, fabrication and installation services to our valued customers including UOP LLC., Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL), Bharat Petroleum Corporation (BPCL), Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL), Gas Authority of India (GAIL), etc.


Why Choose Us

Kamal is committed to enhance customers’ satisfaction by identifying their needs and providing quality products at optimum cost. To achieve this, the following objectives have been defined


Upon conclusion of the 3 day Audit of Kamal’s Design office, Marketing, Quality and the Fabrication & Casting facilities, Kamal has achieved Performance level Rating of 5 which is termed “Excellent” by Technip Global Audit Rating. This is the highest possible rating as per Technip Group Performance Level.

Full Service Capability

Kamal has a large, versatile and professional engineering staff supported by a dedicated two hundred & fifty motivated and skilled workforce using latest state-of-the-art facilities

Engineering & Manufacturing

As a leading manufacturer of Process Plant equipment, Kamal has global reach and resources to assure high quality, timely delivery, and a cost-effective product

Responsive Services

Kamal provides personalized responsive service throughout the design, fabrication and installation process. During the kick-off meeting, a dedicated project manager is appointed as a single point of contact for the customer to ensure effective communication and response during the execution period.


As a leading manufacturer of Process Plant equipments Kamal has global reach and resources to assure high quality, timely delivery and a cost effective product


With more than several hundred installations since 1973, Kamal’s customers include Oil Refineries, Petrochemical, Power, Fertilizers and Chemical Plants across the globe extending from far East to Latin America including Europe and the US

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Happy Customers

What Say Our Happy Clients​

Kamal Engineering Corporation has executed an Order for Design, Engineering and Supply of Plate Air Preheater for Simon India Ltd.
We are satisfied with Kamal’s services such as Design, Engineering, and Compliance to our specifications, workmanship, documentation, and quality assurance.
Should there be an opportunity in future we will consider Kamal as a potential supplier of Plat Air Preheaters.

Simon India Limited

M/s Kamal Encon Industries Limited has executed an Order for the Design, Engineering and Supply of Plate Air Preheater for the PE1 Plant at Reliance Industries. The Air Preheater modules were leak tested at Kamal shop and the leak rates were well within the permissible values.
We are pleased to inform that we are extremely satisfied with Kamal’s execution of this order with regards to project management, delivery, quality assurance and workmanship of Air Preheater. We are pleased to inform that the Air Preheater has been commissioned and is performing satisfactorily.
We shall always recommend and propose Kamal as a potential manufacturer for Plate Air Preheaters and will consider them for our future requirements.

Reliance Industries Limited

Kamal Engineering Corporation Manufactured for Technip Germany GmbH (former Technip Seiffert), Germany 7 Nos. of Dampers for Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD).
We are pleased to inform you that we are very satisfied with Kamal’s product quality and services such as workmanship, compliance to Client’s requirements, documentation, and quality assurance and on time delivery.
These Dampers were tested for leakage and functionality in presence of Alstom China, Technip Germany and Technip India and the inspection results were found to be satisfactory in compliance with the requirements.
We always recommend and propose M/s Kamal Engineering as a potential manufacturer for Dampers to our Global clients and end users.
We will consider Kamal Engineering for our future projects.

TECHNIP Germany GmbH

We are pleased to inform that we are extremely satisfied with Kamal’s execution of this order with regards to project management, delivery, quality assurance and workmanship of Air Preheater. We shall always recommend and propose Kamal as a potential manufacturer for Plate Air Preheaters and will consider them for our future requirements.

Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation Limited

We confirm our appreciation towards Lummus Technology Heat Transfer B.V. & Kamal Engineering Corporation for the design, fabrication and supply of the following 2 sets of Cast Tube Air Pre Heaters for LLC “LUKOI-Permnefteorgsyntez”
We confirm that

Lukoil Russia

We, JNK Heaters Co., Ltd., confirm that Kamal has supplied the Cast Air Preheater as per contact without any problem. The Cast Air Pre Heaters are being operated with good performance until now from operation start date. Your Engineering and Manufacturing for Cast Air Preheaters are satisfied to our requirements.

JNK Heaters Co., Ltd

We are satisfied with the engineering services & supplies made by M/s Kamal Engineering Corporation for Reliance project. As per information from end-user DTA & SEZ plant was put in operation on Dec. 2017 and May 2018 respectively.

Linde Engineering India Pvt. Ltd

Your Air Pre Heater are working from some years in the Refinery of Milazzo, Italy. We understand that Air preheaters are working in proper way.

Kirchner Italia S.p.A.

With reference to the project in subject and your supply of Air Preheaters, We certify that The Air Preheater have been running for over 2 years now and are performing satisfactorily.

ITT S.p.A.

The equipment was manufactured with good quality, delivered on-time. The equipment (DAMPER) is installed at site location is working in good order. And we confirm that Kamal is in good standing with our company and will continue to be recognized as a prime source for DAMPERS, GUILLOTINES and AIR PREHEATING Equipment.

Heurtey Petrochem Solutions

Performance of APH Supplied from M/s Kamal Corporation is satisfactory. We are getting the heat transfer as per design.


Remarkable achievement of delivery of Dampers in shortest possible time creating a new benchmark


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