Ignitor Guns & Pilot Burners

The users of the earlier designed Ignition systems (by others) were continuously encountering the following problems: -

  • Failure of Electrodes
  • Failure of Transformer
  • Failure of HT Cable
  • High Cost and Long Delivery of Spares

Reliable, affordable and easy to maintain high tension type Ignitors manufactured by Kamal incorporate some very unique features.

The Integral design, (HT transformer is integral with Ignitor / Pilot Burner) eliminates problems associated with remote HT design. The HT transformer provides a high density current impulse to the induction coil. It is rated for continuous duty and is short circuit protected. The HV transformer comes with short circuit protection, low weight, is totally enclosed and has high reliability.

Other notable features are:

  • Ignitor / Pilot Burner special material of construction makes it reliable and easy to maintain
  • HT electrode is fully insulated to avoid discharge at any undesirable point
  • A cartridge type special electrode capable of withstanding high temperature and resistant to high voltage / current
  • The special insulation ensures protection against failure due to short circuiting
  • Tip of the electrode made of special material to ensure long life
  • Specially designed, CMRI certified (IIA / IIB or IIC) enclosures for housing the HV, Transformer & Battery / Mains circuit
  • Easy availability of spares transformer and Battery / Mains circuit.

The Ignitor Guns supplied by Kamal are working satisfactorily in Process furnaces at various Refineries, Gas processing & Fertilizer units amongst others.

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