Glass Tube Air Preheater

Glass Tube Air Preheater is recuperative type heat exchange equipment used for low temperature heat recovery. It comprises of borosilicate glass tubes inserted into metallic tube sheets lined with Teflon. The other sides are cladded with special metallurgy sheets. Tube-to-tube sheet joints are provided with special bush / glands to minimize leakage. Glass Air Preheaters recover additional heat from flue gases at lower temperature and are resistant to cold end corrosion.

Kamal has supplied a large number of Glass Tube Air Preheaters to date giving satisfactory and uninterrupted service to clients under varied low temperature process conditions.

Some of the major advantages of Kamal Glass Tube Air Preheaters are:

  • Customized design in modular construction, easy to install, with minimum site work
  • Fully shop-assembled modules, tested for leak tightness before dispatch
  • Specially-designed tube-to-tube sheet joints and acid-resistant lining on tube sheets as well as on casing to ensure no damage to the equipment even during operational upsets
  • Provision of ladder type water wash arrangement for cleaning of soots from tube surface
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