Cast Tube Air Preheater

Cast Tube Air Preheater is recuperative type heat exchange equipment where flue gas exchanges heat with combustion air by convective heat transfer. It is an assembly of rectangular cast tubes with integral fins on both internal and external surfaces. The tubes are assembled inside a structural frame. To ensure that no leakage of air takes place, gaskets are provided on all mating parts and all tube sealing surfaces are machined. The equipment is fully shop assembled in modules and tested for leak tightness before dispatch to project site. A modular construction is used to shorten the erection time at site.

Kamal has supplied several hundred Cast Tube Air Pre-heaters to date giving satisfactory and uninterrupted service to clients under varied process conditions.

Some of the major advantages of Kamal Cast Air Pre-heaters are:

  • Higher base metal thickness for extra corrosion allowance enhancing the equipment life
  • Customized design in modular construction, easy to install, with minimum site work. Experience in retrofitting APH of other suppliers after thorough design, load data & site analysis
  • Machining of all tube mating surfaces and use of high quality ceramic gaskets for leak tightness
  • Started the industry trend for modularization of Air Preheater: Fully shop-assembled modules, tested for leak tightness before dispatch
  • Appropriate designs to ensure no cold-end corrosion of the equipment while firing sulfur-bearing fuels
  • Provision of ladder type water wash arrangement for cleaning of soots from tube surface
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