1973 – Company incorporated with focus on Equipment for Sugar  Industries.
1982 – Pioneered Air Pre-Heater Technology.
1987 – Fabrication of Dampers & Guillotines engineered by Engineers India Ltd.
1992 -Technology Transfer Agreement with Metrio Technologie Int., Netherlands for Dampers  & Isolation Valves.
1996 – Modernization of existing production facilities sprawling over 86000 sq. ft. with CNC Amada Punch Press.
2001 – Achieved ISO 9001 certification by UKAS for Design & Manufacturing.
2002 – Modernization and automation of foundry plant spread over 80,000 sq. ft.
             Established office in Paris.
2003 – Signed MOU with UOP for fabrication of Trays & Internals Established office in Kuwait.
2005 – Established presence in International Markets. Air Pre-Heater supplied to Qatar Petroleum was commissioned successfully.
             Diversified into generation of renewable energy – Two wind Mills of total 3 MW capacity commissioned.
2007/08 – Global recognition of ‘Kamal’ Air PreHeaters. Supplied over 21 Air Preheaters globally
                   Established marketing office in US.
2009/10 – Became proud member of American Petroleum Institute (API).
2011/12 – Exported Dampers to Middle East.

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