Guillotine dampers

These types of dampers are mainly used for isolation of equipment to permit inspection, maintenance or repair in addition to process isolation. They are generally rack-pinion/ screw or chain type. Screw type design is available in rising or non-rising movement. Where available space is constraint than non rising design is recommended.

The body of Guillotine/SOB/Gate damper is fabricated from different type of material suitable for site condition and client requirement. Standard materials of construction for critical parts of Guillotine/SOB/Gate damper are-

      1. Body: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304, SS 316, Inconel etc.
      2. Blade: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304, SS 316, Inconel etc.
      3. Shaft/Screw: En8, En24, SS 304, SS 316, etc.
      4. Seal: SS 316Ti, Inconel etc.
      5. Bearing: C.I lined Bush type with Grafoil Sheet, maintenance free / Antifriction

Other materials of construction can be used as required by client.

These dampers are design for sealing up to 99.9% without seal air system and 100% with seal air system. Shut of blinds are also provide 100% sealing across blade & 99.9% duct to/from atmosphere. Type of seals: Bulb seal/ Flexible sea

These dampers can be provided with single or double screw / rack-pinion arrangement depending on client requirements and the size of dampers.
Type of drives –
            – Manual by Hand Wheel/ Chain/ Winch Pulley Arrangement
            – Motorized
            – Pneumatic (For small sizes)

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