Bi-plane / double louver

These type of dampers are generally used for 100% isolation across duct. Atmospheric air at a higher pressure than gases flowing in the duct is injected inside the cavity of damper by seal air system that guarantees no leakage across the duct. These are two-way flow dampers. Generally with on-off duty application but control duty can be provided, as per client requirements

The body is fabricated from various materials suitable for site condition and client requirement.
Standard materials of construction are:

  1. 1. Body: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304,SS 316, Inconel etc.
  2. 2. Blade: A36, IS 2062, A516, IS 2002, Corten, SS 304,SS 316, Inconel etc.
  3. 3. Shaft: En8, SS 410, SS 304,SS 316, Inconel etc.
  4. 4. Seal: SS 316Ti, Inconel etc.
  5. 5. Bearing: C.I lined Bush type with Grafoil Sheet, maintenance free/ Antifriction
  6. 6. Shaft Packing: SS 316Ti/ Braided Graphite

Other materials of construction can be used as required by client.

These dampers are design for sealing up to 99.95% without seal air system and 100% with seal air system. Type of seal: Omega seal
These dampers can be provided with one side or double side drive as required by client.
Types of drive –
– Manual by Hand Wheel/ Lever/ Chain/ Winch Pulley Arrangement
            – Motorized
            – Pneumatic

1. Frame
2. Blade
3. Shaft
4. Blade Seal
5. Shaft Seal/ Packing
6. Bearing
7. Drive Mounting
8. Linkage
9. Seal Air System

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